Forever Together 

She’d wear anything – even horn rimmed glasses with a red hue,And all he’d wear is shades of black, brown or at the most blue!

It’s amazing how naughty God can get 

He made a flaw in their fate and so they met.

Sometimes, even flaws can be so perfect!

He isn’t the Mr. Right, she had wished for all this while,

but a mere thought of him, lights up her face, makes her smile!

She doesn’t know if they will be together ‘till death doth them apart’;

but she wants to give life with him a try, she trusts him with her heart.

What tomorrow has in store for them?  None of them know. 

They don’t keep their hopes too high, they just go with flow. 

It’s like a game.

And he plays it so well –

she’d buy anything he wants to sell.

 It feels good. Although she isn’t sure whether it is real or fake.

She wonders if she’s wrong, even if she is, he’d be her favorite mistake!

No promises. Just a prayer – 

that they end up being with each other,

that they end up being together forever.

Actually, forever isn’t enough, let’s say –

forever and a day!


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