Celebrate Yourself… My Birthday Wish !


Today is my birthday.

There are so many thoughts and feelings that come to me in this special day.

For me, my birthday is a time when I remind myself about how much I have to be grateful for. It’s a day where I think about the good I have been given.

I’m dedicating the day to celebrating myself, something we’re not really taught to do all that much.

I’m celebrating me.

I am celebrating my life. I’m alive, and so are you (if you are reading these words). Sometimes I forget to celebrate this awe-inspiring fact. So here I am, another year around the sun. Cheers to that.

Each birthday is an opportunity for me…and opportunity for reflection…for introspection…and for connection. A chance to look inside myself and see where I want to be and to take steps to get there. It’s easy to forget but I have one day a year that I can make a little more spiritually elevated. Today can be a little different. It’s not a special day for everyone else; it is my day. My day to make special..and use that day to the fullest, to start making positive changes, and to take steps in the right direction.

I am still young. I still feel so young. There is still so much I still have to do, so much I want to accomplish! 

Thank you all beautiful people in my life for making my birthday spectacular.When we celebrate ourselves, we give each other permission to do so. There becomes less of a stigma with really loving yourself and cherishing yourself. It’s not arrogant. It’s your birthright.Celebrate yourself. Without any guilt or shame. Unabashedly.

My wishes for this birthday


Be fun,

Be passionate,

Be thoughtful,

Be excited,

Be easygoing,

Be critical,

Be loving.

Be Ready for this next phase in my life.

Be You.

And, Happy Birthday to Me.


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